Stiperden House Farm

Stiperden House Farm

Stiperden House Farm is a traditional hill farm consisting of 80 acres of moorland and pasture.

Whilst not registered as organic we do not use pesticides or herbicides. Vaccines and medicines are only ever used to maintain high standards of animal welfare

So Who Are We and What Do We Do?

We are Richard and Jacqui Pilka we have two small children and are working towards re-establishing the farmstead we bought in 2007 as a viable smallholding business.

Our Aims:

  • To produce high quality free range meat from rare breed animals with maximum focus on animal welfare.
  • To sell produce directly to the customer maximizing the field to fork methodology and accountability.
  • To produce as much of our energy from the farm as possible using small scale wind turbines, solar and hydro-electricity.

Since buying the farm we have established our own herd of pigs and a small flock of sheep. We have kept chickens, ducks and turkeys and we have also built up a small herd of Highland cattle.

All our animals are free range and live a natural a life. They are allowed to reach maturity at their own pace and their welfare is extremely important to us. We believe that this approach produces high quality meat that we are proud to offer for sale.

Meat Sales

Since starting to provide meat to friends and family, we have continued to expand and are now able to sell direct to the public. Our emphasis is on meat reared to high welfare standards, with accountability and traceability.

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Buying Our Produce

Pigs from our Farm

We keep our livestock numbers at levels that ensure the highest levels of welfare, this, and allowing our animals to mature at their own pace means the type and quantity of produce we have for sale differs from month to month.

To see what we currently have available you can check our order page here for the latest stock list. You can then either email ( or call us to discuss your order and delivery requirements.

We sell at shows and fairs throughout the year, we really enjoy meeting people and providing opportunities to sample our food and buy from us at these events.

As well as selling our meat at these events we usually have hot food for sale, last year we made Panninis with our own sausages which sold really well.

For details of our upcoming events and to be updated when new produce comes in you can sign up to our mailing list/newsletter, you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Event Catering

So How Do You Order From Us?

Pigs from our Farm

Rare breed meat takes longer to rear than commercially produced quickly fattened produce. Therefore we run a mailing list and provide regular updates through our newsletter, We think that this is the best way to let customers know what we have in stock and when. Our stock varies on a seasonal and availability basis.

Email us here for stock enquiries or to join the mailing list.
Latest newsletter here.

Event Catering

Hog Roasts, BBQs and Slow Cooked Meat.

Using our own produce we can provide a hog roast with our own pigs and hog roast machine. Ideally to make this as economical as possible we recommend a minimum of 50 people. For smaller events we can do slow cooked cuts/pulled pork using the same machine.

We can also provide slow cooked lamb and beef and can provide a BBQ service using our own produce.

For more detail please see our outside catering page.

Stiperden House



Tel: 01706 815279


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