Frozen to Perfection...

We freeze our meat for delivery in our purpose built freezer room. We freeze the meat as this is the most convenient way for our customers to receive their meat and for us to comply with regulations, whilst also makes it more straightforward to store and deliver.

It is possible for us to sell fresh meat but we do need to work with our customers individually to arrange either delivery or pick up on the day it is ready.

Produce Pack Sizes(kg)

We find that we can offer the best value to customers by selling our produce in packs of 5kg, 10kg or 15kg. We can sell in smaller quantities but again we would need to work with customers to organize pick up or delivery – it certainly wouldn't be economical to sell by mail order in anything less than a 5kg box.

We offer our discounted prices for customers who buy either a half or a full lamb or pig as this is the most efficient way for us to operate and we can pass the savings on to customers.

Express Delivery

We are currently in talks with various delivery companys to find the best service for our customers.

More details on our Express Delivery service coming soon...

Free Home Delivery...

In order to offer the best possible service to our customers we provide a free delivery for all local orders. This also allows us to interact with our clients, and listen to their feedbacks, helping us grow our business to cater for your requirments and wishes.

Free Delivery

Small Delivery Charge
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