We can now offer a hog roasts, slow cooked roast meats or BBQ outside catering service using our own free range produce.

If you are thinking of hosting an event such as a wedding or a party and you’d like to offer you’re guests something different please get in touch.


To make a full hog roast wothwhile we reccomend a minimum of 50 guests, any less than this makes it difficult to source a pig.

Hog Roast and Outside Catering

Our standard package includes:

  • A free range rare breed pig.
  • Our standard outdoor set up as pictured with Gazebo.
  • 1 member of staff with appropriate food hygene certification to carve and serve.
  • Bread rolls.
  • Home made apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing.
  • Paper plates and napkins.

Please note that we will require access to a 240v power source within 30m to plug our extention cables to provide lighting (we can provide a generator for remote sites but this will be extra).

We will also need a level area of approx 4sqm to set up and serve from, we are happy to come out and have a look at your venue beforehand if you have any concerns.

In addition to our standard package we can offer a wide range of additional products to cater for your guests these include:

  • Speciality bread rolls or wraps sourced form local artisan bakers
  • Vegetatian options and sides including boxed salads, cous cous, jacket potatoes, quiches etc
  • Dessert options including tray baked brownies and cakes as well as various flans

We are happy to discuss any additional requirements and will do our best to source anyhitng that we cannnot directly provide.
As a rough guide for a basic package we charge £8.50 per person + VAT for a minimum of 50 people.


For smaller groups or mor eintimate events we can slow roast different cuts of meat .

Pork shoulders can be slow ccoked to excellent pulled pork or we can slow roast a large cut of beef from our highland cows that can be cut and served as you wish either for hot sandwiches or as part of a meal.

For something that still has the wow factor we can roast a whole lamb, generally being smaller than the pigs these are suitable for groups of between 25 and 50 people.

We can also offer a BBQ service using our own produce.