Meat Produce

From Our Farm To Your Plate



Our first encounter with farming, before moving to Stiperden, came when Richard volunteered to work on a neighboring cattle farm, helping an elderly bachelor farmer who farmed in a very traditional way. As an introduction to the world of agriculture and animal husbandry, it was inspirational and an eye opener to life before mechanization.

We now have our own herd of Highland beef cattle; these are ideally suited to our cool damp climate and thrive on the varied grazing we can provide.

The meat from these cows is exceptional in its flavor and quality; we age the hindquarters for a minimum of three weeks to create superb steaks and roasting joints. The forequarter meat provides excellent slow cooking joints and steaks as well as good quality mince.


Outdoor reared for that completely “field to fork” taste.

We keep several different rare breeds as we find that certain breeds lend themselves to producing different types of produce, Berkshires produces excellent pork joints and our saddleback/oldspot crosses produce superb bacon, the mangalitza pig is excellent turned in to sausages and burgers.

Our pigs enjoy a natural life with extensive room to forage and root, and live a longer life than any reared on a commercial basis. They live in family groups and are allowed to adopt a natural rhythm to the breeding process. They are provided with a complimentary feed to ensure they get their vitamins and minerals, and enjoy the benefit of muddy wallows when the Lancashire sun makes a rare appearance!


From July onwards we have large white turkeys free ranging on the farm, these reach the perfect weight for the Christmas table. Giving the birds the time and space they need to grow at their own pace on a truly free range diet produces a succulent bird with much more flavor than a commercially reared bird.

We keep a mixture of different breeds of Chickens throughout the year to produce eggs; these are very popular so we do tend to sell out of these quite quickly, we are happy to include eggs with our meat orders when available.

We are hoping to keep some traditional meat breeds of chicken this year; these will be advertised through the newsletter and stock update emails as they become available.


We keep rare breed Jacob Cross sheep and Shetlands, these take longer to mature than standard commercial flocks but the flavour and texture of the meat is far superior. Whilst sell our meat as lamb but we usually have hogget (lamb that has run on past its first birthday) which has a deeper flavour. As our sheep are rare breed they tend to finish nice and lean which a lot of customers prefer. We also make lamb and mint burgers and sausages which are very popular.

Fancy Something Different?

Fancy something a little different for a special meal? With various contacts with local providers we are able to source in more unusual produce for you.

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