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Stiperden Highland BeefDescriptionPrice per PoundPrice per Kilo
Sirloin SteakSteaks packed individually (400g approx), Joints between 2 and 3lbs£10.60£23.50
Fillet SteakThe absolute premium beef cut done either as a roasting joint or as individual steaks on request.£18.18£40.00
Rump Steak£8.84£19.50
Topside Roasting JointsJoints between 2 and 3lbs£11.11£13.00
Silverside Roasting JointsJoints between 2 and 3lbs£5.44£12.00
Brisket JointA beef joint ideal done all day in the slow cooker£4.50£9.90
Braising Steak£11.50
Beef Burgers4 in a pack min 500g£6.50 per pack
Chilli Beef Burgers4 in a pack min 500g£6.50 per pack
Chilli Beef Sausages6 in a pack min 420g£4.80 per pack
Minced BeefIn packs of approx 500g£3.24£7.15
Diced BeefIn packs of approx 500g£4.30£9.50
Pork, Bacon, Sausages and GammonDescriptionPack SizePrice
Stiperden SausageA blend of herbs and spices based on a Lincolnshire sausage recipe400g£4.50
Traditional Pork SausagePerfect for breakfasts and sandwiches400g£4.50
Chorizo Flavour SausagesPaprika and a hint of chilli make this ideal for cassoulets 400g£4.50
Pork Leg JointsJoints between 2 and 3lbs£8.90
Pork Shoulder JointsJoints between 2 and 3lbs£8.30
Pork & Apple Burgers
Freezer Packs   
Beef Box (£40)2 packs mince, 2 packs diced, 2 packs braising, 2 packs burgers, 1 pack chilli beef sausages, 1 pack beef & tomato sausagesMin 4.2kg£40
Beef Box (£75)2 packs mince, 2 packs diced, 2 packs braising, 2 packs burgers, 2 packs chilli beef sausages, 2 packs Beef and tomato 4 individual sirloin steaks, Silverside Roast Joint.Min 6.8kg£75
Half a pigShoulder, loin, belly and leg joints boned and packed individually, at least 2 packs of pork mince. (sausages can be added at extra cost)Min

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